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The FTC Writing Center can help in all aspects of your education and life.

By Sean Lanigan

The Five Towns College Writing Center is a place that coaches students in all types of writing and the statistics the center highlights speak for themselves. Students who attended The Writing Center more than once in a semester earned an average overall grade that was 36% higher than students who did not attend at all. Whether you need assistance with idea generation, sentence structure, or proofreading, The FTC Writing Center can help.

Visit The FTC Writing Center in room 208.

Professor Alissa Gambino, an English Professor and tutor at the Writing Center, stressed the importance of writing:

"Writing is a process you should work on constantly. If you don’t, writing will haunt you socially, professionally, and creatively. English classes are not the only classes where you’re writing. For example, students who major in Music Education who have to write a thesis for a Master’s Degree use the Writing Center."

As a student who uses the Writing Center, Professor Gambino helped me correct the mistakes I was making in my assignments to improve their flow and professionalism. It was very rewarding to see grammatical errors go away, and good habits forming such as starting every paragraph with a topic sentence, and using better transition words.

Chrissie Pastrana, a Mass Communication student at Five Towns College, also has seen changes in her writing. "The Writing Center allowed me to improve my creative writing and assignments, and has allowed me to become more confident in my writing," said Pastrana.

What are you waiting for? Visit room 208 to make your appointment at The Writing Center to start working on your writing skills this Fall semester. If you don’t, your writing will come back to haunt you and in the Fall, you should only be haunted on Halloween.


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