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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

By Sean Lanigan

On Friday, March 26th, the entertaining activity known as karaoke arrived at Five Towns College with Vibe Night for an evening filled with music, snacks, prizes, and socially distanced fun. The event was the creation of TJ Johnson, a first-year student who is a Business Management Major with a Concentration in Audio. For Johnson, planning this event was a no-brainer. "As a lifelong fan of music and karaoke, I think it’s a great way for people to come together, have a great time and create art," he said.

The talent was on full display with students singing such classic songs by top artists Adele, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Brandy, and Monica. The Downbeat Cafe was packed with students clapping and rooting each other to sing the songs with joy and passion. Every song had the audience singing along. Prizes were given out with two raffle drawings. The two prizes were an FTC hat and an FTC sweatshirt, a tremendous way to keep up that school spirit. The performances were a mix of solo performances and duet performances.

One of the duet performances was the nostalgic 1990's song "The Boy is Mine" by Brandy and Monica. The song was sung by Ayana Franck, a sophomore who is a Music Education Major, and Caitlin Scott, a first-year student who majors in Musical Theater. This was a piece that stood out to both of them. "We noticed that there aren’t really a lot of female duet songs out there, and this is a song that we both really enjoy and that we both know."

It takes a lot of courage to sing and perform in front of a crowd of people. Public speaking and public performing is a fear that causes a lot of people to be incredibly nervous. Michael Cavalli, Director of Campus Events and Student Affairs Support Specialist at Five Towns College, could not be prouder of the students who sang their hearts out.

"It’s my most favorite part of programs like these. An opportunity to showcase how many wonderfully talented students we have here at Five Towns College. To be able to share their talents with their peers after being home for four months means a lot to them."

There was no question that the good vibes were out on this Vibe night, a night where karaoke was combined with the powerhouse talent at FTC.


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