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Vegetarian Ventures: Middle Eastern Cuisine Edition

By Sam D'Amico

You are walking through New York City and about to depart home after work, a sporting event, or perhaps a concert. Though moving quickly, you find yourself smelling the aroma of all types of cuisines coming from food carts. Any local will tell you their favorite sidewalk gourmet, and this week’s Vegetarian Ventures food selection is a real crowd-pleaser.

At the corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue, you can find a halal cart bringing Middle Eastern Cuisine to the streets of Manhattan. The Halal Guys of Manhattan has also grown into a popular Long Islander franchise.

This was my first time trying Middle Eastern food and, I have to be honest, it was magical. As I’ve mentioned in my Vegetarian Ventures introduction, I am a vegetarian, and it’s rather challenging for me to find food that is not only filling but also good for me. I am pleased to say this fine establishment is very accommodating to vegetarians.

I had a colorful plate filled with vegetables, grains, and protein. Here’s a quick tour of my meal: