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Troye Sivan Performs at Radio City Music Hall

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

By Elyssa DiCostanzo

Radio City Music Hall

On Tuesday October 9th, Troye Sivan played a sold out show at Radio City Music Hall as a part of his Bloom Tour. He brought Leland and Kim Petras as opening acts along with a few other surprises for the crowd.

It was very obvious walking into the theater that this was a place of openness and acceptance, seeing several people waving Pride flags—some even had them wrapped around their neck like a cape. The audience ranged from teenaged girls, to middle-aged men and everything in-between. It became clear that many of these individuals have lacked an inspiration like Troye Sivan over the years, an openly gay pop star who wasn’t afraid of being themselves.

Audience member and longtime fan Johnny Tripolisi said Sivan “has songs he can actually relate to. He is a boy who sings about other boys.” Tripolisi also credited Troye Sivan with helping him come out. He said songs like “Heaven” and “Blue” helped him feel less alone when he started questioning his sexuality.

Sivan opened up the show with his song “Seventeen” off his latest album entitled Bloom. A few songs into the set, he talked about the incredible view he saw as he looked out into the audience. He then said he wanted to share the view with someone, and called out a seat number. This was all a plan to get two fans up on stage for a marriage proposal.