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Tools of the Trade

by Briyahna Rice

On May 2nd, the FTC gym was transformed to host the Tools of the Trade event hosted by B&H. The purpose of the event was to bring together companies such as Sony, Westcott, Sennheiser, MSI, Roland, B&H, and others to set up vendor booths to show off their gear. As a few of the microphones that FTC uses are Sennheiser, this was a great chance for students to see the product upgrades in the future if they want to further purse careers in audio engineering, film or mass communication.

Professor Charlie DesJardin spoke to The Record on the importance of this event. “I just wanted students to get hands on with new technology that’s coming up- cameras, monitors, and mics to keep them up to date with how much technology is changing. This is a cool little event where it's here on school grounds. And B&H has always been great with us,” he said.

ICYMI: Company Highlights


B&H, who orchestrated the event, are a leading innovator of technology at your fingertips. From IT & Storage, audio visual, photography, to video cameras and printers, they promote their reasonable prices. From the federal marketplace, Schools K-12, small businesses, churches, healthcare centers, corporate offices, and even colleges, B&H provides many different types of equipment. Their main store is located on 420 Ninth Avenue New York NY, 10001.