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The Grand Reopening of THE DOWNBEAT

By Millie Twells

Exciting things are happening at Five Towns College. The highly anticipated reopening of The Downbeat Cafe just happened this past weekend and students are raving over the new options. The popular hang-out spot where students usually play pool, air hockey, and foosball, just got that much better. There has been a reopening of the snack and drinks bar at The Downbeat Cafe, and students couldn't be happier about it.

This is especially beneficial to all of the students who dorm. Typically on a weekend, The Upbeat Cafe closes at 7pm, and if you’re busy doing work or just hanging out with friends, this is a little early for dinner time to end. Now if you have a late night craving, The Downbeat has you covered. Open from 7pm-11pm, it has a bunch of options to choose from, such as hot pockets, burritos, sandwiches

and much more.

Jazz Commercial student Daniel Abraham said that this reopening is “going to help me out so much. The amount of times I’ve ordered food late at night on the weekend is crazy. I always spend so much money on Uber Eats, so I’m super excited we have this option now. I’m always up late on the weekends, working on my music or school projects and The Downbeat is going to be a great place to go to take a break. There are so many new options we don’t even have at The Upbeat, like hot pockets and burritos. This is going to save me so much money.”