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Painting Away The Stress

“Paint Out Your Stress” (Photo: H.Neumann)

By Hailey Neumann

The FTC Downbeat Cafe was full of creativity on Wednesday, October 20th, as students came together and painted away their worries. With midterm week in full swing, everyone needs a little bit of a brain break. Presented by RA Alexa Pereira, "Paint Out Your Stress" night was a hit with students from all majors attending, painting everything from city skylines to spooky ghosts.

(Photo: H. Neumann)

All painting supplies were provided, from the paintbrushes to the canvases. The only thing students needed to supply on their own was their creativity, and there was no shortage of that. Background music played for everyone to enjoy as people painted away. The two-hour event started at 5 pm, and students came and went, feeling less stressed and ready to tackle the rest of their midterms and whatever else life has in store.

"I always found painting therapeutic, and so I thought it would be nice for everyone to enjoy it," Pereira said when asked why she designed this event. When it comes to the act of painting being calming, she is right. Painting is commonly used to lower stress levels. Mental calmness is very important, especially in a week with midterms, where staying focused is a high priority for students.

(Photo: H. Neumann)

When asked if painting helped relieve some stresses from this week, Emely Ramos said, "It actually did. It’s making me feel a little bit better because it is midterms week and it is very stressful. This makes it a little more bearable."

Jalysa Sullivan also felt that the event added something fun to her week, saying it was nice “just trying something new. I never really painted.” She agreed with Ramos that painting actually alleviated some of her stress. Sullivan says she would love to see more events like this in the future.

The next events coming up in the Downbeat Cafe are the Astrology mixer, presented by Eeve Emmanuel on Friday, October 22nd at 7pm, and a Halloween party on Friday, October 29th presented by Caitlin Scott.

Make sure to stop by to support your fellow FTC students, have some fun, and show off your school spirit.


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