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Meet Arahmus Brown


By Gillani Peets

This past December, Five Towns College witnessed the formation of a rising talent who pushes the boundaries of live performance and exceeds the limitations associated with hip-hop music. Arahmus Brown, accompanied by his band, The Celestial Project, gave an irrepressible performance for the Five Towns Colleges Performing Art STAGE Competition. Always filled with high-energy, Arahmus performed tracks off his debut album, ‘The Celestial Project,’ and created an atmosphere of love and knowing one’s importance.

Born and raised in Westbury, NY, Arahmus Brown became involved with music through church which in turn, surprisingly began his fandom of the one and only Prince; describing him as a “genius who stayed true to himself,” after hearing ‘Purple Rain’ in the sermon. Naming Prince, Kendrick Lamar, and Blood Orange as influences on his debut album, Arahmus takes listeners into a whole new world in the beginning of track one.

Making reference to classic movies that began with cinematic music, ‘The Celestial Project’ is an exploration that is enjoyable throughout the first listen. Consisting of twelve tracks, Arahmus deals with the topics of heartbreak and tragedies within the setting of outer space. Traditionally represented in movies or shows, the setting of outer space features antagonists who constantly plan to take over the galaxy and protagonists who want to protect the people within their galaxy.

“Outer space is a metaphor for living in a setting that’s not considered reality but relatable more than anything," he tells me over the blasting sounds of Janelle Monae, an artist known for her involvement of the space narrative labelled as Afropunk.

Comparing his work to his passion of anime’s Akira, a post-apocalyptic film set in dystopia 2019 after World War II, and Cowboy Bebop, a television show taking place in western part of outer space, Arahmus executes his vision before rhythms are introduced. As captain to the mothership, Arahmus Brown’s first album is only the first of many classics to come.

Click to listen to Arahmus Brown's (JAB) The Way I Am.


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