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Mastering DIning Etiquette

(Photo: Sean Lanigan)

By Sean Lanigan

How much do you know about business etiquette? Would you be able to master sitting at a business dinner and know the protocol?

If I was invited to dinner with high ranking people from my dream job, would I know what to do? Many of my questions were answered at a Professional Dining Etiquette Workshop at Five Towns College on February 18th.

Before the event, I asked Kristi O’Rourke, Director of Career Services, why seminars like this are important. She said, "Students need to learn how to feel comfortable discussing business with potential clients and employers over a meal."

Here are some of the top tips that I learned:

If you’re at a networking event, before dinner even starts, introduce yourself to the people you don’t know. It is proper to approach people at a networking event.

Try not to order the most expensive menu item. Though I instinctively knew about that part, I didn’t realize that it also applied to the cheapest option on the menu too. Looking back, I did this a couple of years ago during a career-related con