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On Friday, June 4th, the FTC Mass Comm Department celebrated its Seniors from the Classes of 2020 and 2021. Department Chair Tom Calandrillo and Professor Holli Haerr announced Jayson Troy as 2020 Mass Comm Student of the Year and Starr Fuentes as 2021 Mass Comm Student of the Year. Congratulations to all of the graduates. Check back with The FTC Record for clips from the final Spring 2021 SoundCheck News and a special video to honor the graduates.

Advanced TV Lab students with Mass Comm graduates
SoundCheck News Anchors Bobby Vaccaro and Emily Granados host their final collegiate news program.
Mass Comm Students of the Year: Jayson Troy (2020), Professor Holli Haerr, and Starr Fuentes (2021)
SoundCheck News Anchor Emily Granados
SoundCheck News Anchor Bobby Vaccaro
2020 Mass Comm Graduates Sam D'Amico and Natalie Allouche
2021 Graduate Bobby Vaccaro, WFTU Station Manager Matt O'Leary, and 2021 graduate Elyssa DiCostanzo
2021 Mass Comm graduates Teresa Lavalley and Emily Granados


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