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Magnum x Saks Fifth Avenue Welcome NYFW

by Emily Granados

New York Fashion Week kicked off on September 6th and Magnum Ice Cream opened up a beautiful pop-up shop on the Fifth Floor of Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to celebrate this exciting time in the city . Running from September 5th to September 17th, Saks Fifth Avenue collaborated with Magnum Ice Cream to create an interactive, high-end, ice cream experience.

Customers were able to go to the Fifth Floor of the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store located at 611 Fifth Avenue to create their own decadent Magnum ice cream bars. Customers had a choice between three different flavors; Belgian milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. To add to the opulent ice cream experience, customers could garnish their Magnum bars with toppings such as mermaid pearls, rose gold crystals, crispy fig, unicorn gems, and salted caramel crisp pearls.

New York Fashion Week attendee and New York University journalism student, Nicole Rosenthal shared her positive thoughts on the experience. “I loved it, I think the build-your-own dessert bar added to the individualized experience. It looked really bougie, but I think that was the appeal of it all.”

“Bougie” was certainly a proper adjective to describe this Fashion Week pop-up. Besides having the luxurious experience of riding the elevators up the floors of Saks Fifth Avenue, the ice cream bar itself was glamorously decorated. The color gold was a major motif in the design of this pop-up. Gold is not only Magnum’s color, but it also was a nod to the current Fall 2019 trends during this New York Fashion Week. The pop-up shop also featured a giant Mangum Ice Cream bar display that everyone loved. Many people took pictures in front of the larger-than-life ice cream bar (including this student journalist).

Some customers also chose to film their experience going down the line and creating their Magnum bars. The pop-up display was furnished with golden velvet ropes to add the VIP vibe and help control the long, but fast-moving lines.

The Magnum Ice Cream x Saks Fifth Avenue Ice Cream Dipping Bar was definitely a creative and fun pop-up, and a delicious way to welcome New York Fashion Week.


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