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Lights, Camera, FRESHMAN Showcase

By Christen Pastrana

Students at Five Towns College headed to the Downbeat on the evening of October 7th to watch and see the new faces of FTC talent. Known as the Freshman Showcase, led by student activities leader Taliek Hill, the freshman had the opportunity to perform in front of their fellow students.

Emcee Jeff Kramer (Photo C. Pastrana)

The showcase first started off with emcee Jeff Kramer introducing the performers and judges. Students in the downbeat were required to wear masks, unless they were performing. There were many lights and songs playing in between performers to set the vibe for the night.

Jeff Kramer talked about what it was like to be a freshman and host the showcase. “I feel very honored and privileged to have hosted such an exciting and wonderful event for the FTC community and I am very humbled by this opportunity and greatly look forward to events akin to this,” said Kramer.

FTC Student Sam Winter (Photo C. Past