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FTC Reporter and current SiriusXM intern, Sam D'Amico, chats with SiriusXM Manager of Music Operations, Stephanie Cruz, on how to go from intern to employee at one of the most exciting companies in media.
Stephanie Cruz with J Balvin at SiriusXM Town Hall (Courtesy S. Cruz)

By Sam D'Amico

As graduation is approaching, many seniors are looking towards the future. When taking the next step towards your career, internships are a great way to get exposure to whatever field you wish to pursue. For SiriusXM’s Stephanie Cruz, without her internship, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

The Baruch College graduate had intentions of going into sales and marketing until she found SiriusXM her senior year. When she got the opportunity to join the company as an intern, it changed her perspective on her future. “It definitely opened up my eyes to what radio was and what working for a media company is like,” said Cruz.

Cruz producing Bad Bunny Town Hall (S. Cruz)

Once she joined the SiriusXM team, she assisted with programming and developing the only Latin channel SiriusXM had at that time. Cruz was ecstatic for this opportunity because she had such a personal connection to the music, explaining, “It was a perfect fit, and it was an added plus that it was for Latin music. I’m so passionate about that, and I really wanted to work with those artists that I grew up listening to.”

Fast forward to post graduation. Cruz had full intentions of committing to working for SiriusXM. At the time, the company didn’t have a budget for a Latin Coordinator, so she had to leave behind SiriusXM at the end of her internship. Due to her persistence and passion for the work and the brand, she kept in close contact with her former Supervisor and the Senior Director of Music Operations. During these regular check-ins, she’d discuss her career progress and how she still longed to come back to the company. “I was texting or emailing them and giving them an update on myself, and they said, ‘Actually, we just got the budget for ten new Latin channels and they were looking for three new coordinators.' And that's how I came back to SiriusXM.”