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How to rock a career fair

Vault Career Intelligence’s Frank Siano breaks it down

Frank Siano, Associate Director of Sales at Vault Career Intelligence

by Briyahna Rice

With graduation and summer approaching, it is the key season for applying for jobs and internships. Five Town College’s Career Services brought in guest speaker Frank Siano, Associate Director of Sales at Vault Career Intelligence on Wednesday, April 3rd to inform students on how to prep for and rock a career fair.


“Before the fair is sometimes the biggest component, and when I mean before the fair, I don’t ideally mean the night before. Hopefully, a couple of days prior, do as much research as possible to make sure that you are the stellar individual that’ll be speaking to the employers,” said Siano. He also advised students to print out many copies their resumes and to make sure that they’re out and ready to hand in, not just shoved into a book bag. He then went on to urge the importance of researching all of the companies that interest the student, as well as potential roles and responsibilities that they may be qualified for.

Siano even asked the students to think about why they’re actually attending to the fair. It’s not just to get free merchandise, but ultimately land a job or internship. Even if a student is an underclassman looking to gather information on the next potential career fair, once they have the resources that they need and some practice, it’ll be easier to ace the one that really counts for them.