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By Amy Guethlein

After a year of quiet campus life since the start of COVID-19, the Five Towns College campus is returning to a new normal. For the first time since the pandemic, new and returning students have the opportunity to join together, in person, for events and activities throughout the semester. Event organizers are ready to welcome students back and make this safe return to campus exciting and engaging.

While the pandemic is not yet over, bringing life back to campus has never been more important. The ongoing events and activities will help students feel more connected to peers and the community around them and give a sense of belonging and purpose. Michael Cavalli, Assistant Dean for Campus Life at Five Towns, highlights the immense talent each student holds and translates what makes this college so unique into campus activities.

"Many of our events give students the chance to share their creative talents with their peers in celebration and recognition of the unique creativity - in music, spoken word, films, artwork - that our community possesses. In-person events like those are the heart and soul of our campus because that creative passion is what unites our community," Cavalli said.

Following the college’s policies, masks will still be required for campus events and vaccinations for any Theatre Arts and Music Division performances along with any event where masks or social distancing are not convenient. However, if you don’t feel comfortable attending in-person activities, virtual events are not going away just yet. The school will still be hosting events over Zoom that feature guest speakers and industry professionals throughout the year.

To find out about upcoming events, check out Campus Events bulletin boards featured throughout the campus and residence halls or digital screens. Cavalli also recommends following the new @FTC_Events page on social media to stay up-to-date with on-campus activities and performances. "Beyond events, we also try to highlight exciting things that are happening with FTC students, alumni, and staff on the account - so there is a lot to see on our page!"

If you are interested in joining in the fun or even hosting your own event, Cavalli points out several ways to get involved. "We want to deliver programs that are student-driven, and those that are seeking to plan and host activities can fill out an Event Planning Form, join Student Government Association (SGA), or even consider starting a club/organization at FTC!"

Want to learn more about campus events? Visit FTC Student Life or email CampusEvents@ftc.edu for more information.


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