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Updated: Sep 26, 2019

FTC President Dr. David Cohen, Coach Anthony Alfaro, Athletic Director Matt Guercio

by Damani Merritt

Five Towns College held a press conference on September 24th to welcome the new women’s basketball Head Coach, Anthony Alfaro. Alfaro has a solid coaching background, previously coaching at Vaughn College of Aeronautics, Globe Institute of Technology and LaGuardia College, having great success at LaGuardia with multiple seasons over .500.

The conference started at 1 PM EST, and FTC President Dr. David Cohen and Athletic Director Matt Guercio gave opening remarks. “It’s a great time to be at FTC. It’s a great athletic program and it is continuously expanding throughout the years,” stated the President, showing his excitement for the upcoming season.

New Head Coach Anthony Alfaro speaks at FTC press conference on September 24th.

After Cohen and Guercio gave their remarks, Alfaro took the stand and never looked back. The new coach expressed his pleasure with the FTC community saying, “I already knew that FTC was a place that makes people better. We are creating people to advance our society.”

A few of the women’s basketball team players were in attendance and were eager to ask questions. Coach Alfaro informed the women that he’s here to “build relationships” and to make them “better people.” Jada Roberts-Duncan, a women’s basketball player, is excited to get started with the coach. Roberts-Duncan feels like “he has a lot of positive energy, he has a good system he’s enforcing, and he’s holding all of the players accountable.”

Coach Alfaro thanked his wife and family and was a little emotional as he took the stand. He also preached consistency, wants the ladies to buy in and plans to lead them by example. The team seemed confident and willing to buy into the coach’s system and is ready for the next season.

For more information on the team, go to Five Towns College Athletics. Most home games will also be streamed throughout the season.


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