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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

By Briyahna Rice

On October 2nd, FTC Mass Comm students kicked off the start of the new month with an amazing career opportunity, a tour of Sirius XM in Manhattan. Organized by Director of Career Services Krysti O Rourke, and accompanied by Mass Communication Department Chair Thomas Calandrillo, 15 students toured the main headquarters of the New York media giant.

Before the start of the tour, students had the chance to sit and down for a Q & A session with Sirius XM executives from Retention Marketing, Cross Promotions, and Music Programming. The speakers gave good advice and information on what it takes to work for Sirius XM and grow in the radio industry. They emphasized thinking on your feet, problem-solving, good writing skills, engaging with listeners, and the importance of understanding what the audience wants to listen to.

FTC students also asked questions regarding potential jobs and internships and were able to learn about a typical day at the office for interns, what stands out on a resume, the best times to apply for an internship, and the interview process.

After the Q & A, students embarked on a tour of the studios and recording room where the magic happens, and saw firsthand the qualities of a real DJ and what goes into a radio show. And best of all, two FTC students, Emily Granados, and the Wild Cat Jayson Troy, were given the chance of a lifetime to go live on