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Director of Career Services Krysti O'Rourke meets with Senior Business Major Kyree Sawyer

By Sean Lanigan with additional reporting by Jacob Bila

As college seniors prepare for graduation and the end of their college careers, their thoughts next turn to entering the "real world" in the strongest possible position. "The job competition will be stiff-this year’s graduates will have to compete, in many cases, with 2020 graduates who are still seeking their first-time job,"according to ABC News. Here at Five Towns College, the Career Services Center is running a senior bootcamp to help graduates be "Ready To Go."

Graduating seniors can complete these three steps to sharpen their job-hunting skills and receive a special Five Towns College "grad" hat.

  1. Attend a Career Bootcamp

  2. Attend a Career Networking Event

  3. Make an appointment with Career Services (

So, get a step ahead on the competition and make those key connections right away. Krysti O’ Rourke, Director of the Career Services Center at Five Towns College, knows the amazing track record that events like these have in terms of helping Five Towns College students. "We are a valuable resource and have helped hundreds and hundreds of students and graduates get jobs and valuable opportunities for their careers," said O’Rourke.

Being a successful college student is not just about doing work inside of the classroom. You also have to take advantage of opportunities outside of the classroom to help you build your resume and prepare for job interviews in the virtual hiring world. According to the Wall Street Journal, any job interviews you have will likely take place over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout.”