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FTC 2019 Club Fair

The Student Government Association's (SGA) display board at the fair.

by Sage Albanese

Five Towns College held their 2019 Club Fair on September 24th during common hour in the courtyard. The fair’s exhibitors included many clubs offered at the school, which gave freshmen some insight on available opportunities and how to get involved. The fair ran for an hour and had an abundance of activities. Snacks and raffles were also given out as incentives to students who signed up.

Clubs are always a great way to get involved and meet new people. For most first-year students, this was the first event they attended this school year, and it did not let them down. Kyle Kacin, a freshman at FTC said, “I came just to see what was going on and ended up signing up for a few clubs, which I wasn’t expecting. They all seem really cool and I was impressed.”

Students at the fair in the courtyard during common hour.

Students walking around the courtyard and having a good time with music playing, definitely set the tone for what it could be like to be a member in one, if not more of these awesome groups.

Whether you are interested in broadcasting, student government, recreational sports, yearbook, the international student community, or plenty more, there are options in all areas. “The school offers so much, in and outside of clubs, but joining a club gives them that extra step towards anything. Whether it be furthering your experience for a future career or just to make new friends, clubs are always a great way to get involved,” said an FTC faculty member.

For a newcomer who doesn’t know many people in the school, it is helpful to know that all of their peers who run these clubs are so open, welcoming, and creative, that anyone would feel comfortable joining. And it’s definitely recommended that everyone go out and find a club that fits with their interests and schedule!


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