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Review: Fidgety for Finals? Try the Fidget Dodecagon

Updated: May 14, 2019

by Aly Ellner

If you’re feeling fidgety and anxious about final exams and need a distraction, there is a product for you.

A craze first started with the Fidget Spinner, which seemed like a joke and then moved to the Fidget Cube, which seemed more practical. And now, it’s the Fidget Dodecagon, which is a fancy term for a 12-sided cube that has a bunch of attention diverting features.

Now, this may seem like a scam and just a way for people to play with a little toy, but it’s not. Believe me, I was a skeptic until I tried it out.

This 12-sided fidget cube actually does calm anxiety and relieves stress because it puts the focus you’re feeling in your mind, into your fingers. It features a stress ball, a joy stick, sliding blocks, a switch and many other little gadgets, so it has something that can be useful to anyone who tries it. Trust me, when I got mine, everyone wanted to test it and everyone found something specific that relaxed them – it’s a jack of all trades.

Priced at only $10 on Amazon with 15 different color options (personally I went for the light blue), it’s a purchase that’s worth a shot, because even if you rarely use it, it didn’t make your bank account cry.

The Fidget Dodecagon rated 4 stars with close to 500 reviews, so if you don’t believe this soon to be college graduate, there’s plenty of other people who believe in its effects.

Next time you’re feeling stressed and need a distraction, head over to Amazon and spend $10 for relaxation at your fingertips. Go ahead and start fidgeting!


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