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By Rebecca Evangelist

On September 23rd, the FTC Film Division held its annual Film Division Mixer. At the mixer, Film Division Chair Michael Prywes, J.D. spoke about the difficulties of the pandemic but also mentioned how much creativity has come out this year.

The theme of the Film Division Mixer was "Believe Film is Life." Prywes spoke about the meaning behind the theme, for film students to believe in themselves. He talked about the show Ted Lasso and how the main character, who believed football is life, put up a sign in his office that said, "Believe." Inspired by Lasso, Prywes and the film professors want students to "believe they have a home at Five Towns College to return to when they graduate," said Prywes, and "believe in the power of storytelling through audiovisual means."

The "Believe" sign was that temporarily placed in the Downbeat Cafe' to symbolize the theme of the Film Division mixer, will hang in Professor Prywes’ office.

At the event, film students had the opportunity to connect with each other and their professors over lunch. There was even a ping pong match. Prywes went up against Film/Video Equipment Manager Steven Cruz in an intense battle.

As the new film chair, Prywesis is filling the shoes of Erika Houle. "[It’s] very exciting, humbling, [and] big shoes to fill Erika Houle’s job. [I’m] eager to try to fill those shoes," said Prywes. "I want to be a coach to the students, staff, and faculty."

Prywes also emphasized how important it is for the different divisions at Five Towns College to work together and collaborate. "The Distinction between Mass Comm, Audio, Business, Film, Theater, Music; all of those things will continue to become interdependent," said Prywes. "Those silos are going to be going away as the years go on." At Five Towns College, the different types of students can work together to create amazing things like the film of the play Hedda Gabler, which was a collaboration between the different majors at the college.

Overall, the film students have a positive opinion of the new Film Chair. Many students had Prywes as a professor and liked him a lot in that role. Film students were inspired by Prywes’ speech and are passionate about their craft. "When I was younger, I always watched movies, and I would always figure out how to make them better," said Nicole Monteleone, a senior film student. "I want to create the best movies possible. [I’ve] been working on my senior project, and hopefully, they change how many people are allowed on set."

"My passion for film started very young. I was introduced to the Harry Potter movies at the age of two. And I just fell in love with the magic of it, the visuals," said Noah Morales, another FTC film student. "I used to re-enact scenes. It started from all of those movies. And being exposed to all the classics: Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Training Day."

Listen to WFTU Reporter Sean Lanigan's update from the event.

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