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By Daniel Berrios

Some people love luxury, and some love sports cars. Nissan has blessed us with a beautiful combination of both. Infiniti is Nissan's upper-class brand targeted to a more exclusive and higher-end driver. But you can find one of these beautiful Japanese made masterpieces for under ten grand (considering condition and mileage) on sites via Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, or Auto Tempest.

Do you remember the first time you melted cheese on something? Good, right? That is what it's like owning an Infiniti. Take it from me. Every time I look outside my front door, I hear my G37 say “Drive me, Drive me!” and I do. The car has a beautiful leather interior, packed with technology and paired with leather seats that include a built-in heating and cooling system. Do you like added sound systems? Well, if that's the case, this car isn't for you because it already has an amazing sound system produced by Bose. Have you ever seen an Infiniti with subwoofers? The answer is no because it doesn't exist, simply because the car doesn’t need them.