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Big Happy, Samurai Pizza Cats, and Aqua Cherry Perform On Day 2 of Great South Bay Music Festival

by Alex Agudelo

Big Happy performing on the Jambalaya Stage

Day 2 of the 2019 Great South Bay Music Festival opened up a third stage, called the Jambalaya Stage.

Acts on the Jambalaya Stage included Big Happy, Samurai Pizza Cats and Aqua Cherry. Big Happy performed a cover of the song “Pumped up Kicks,” with a little rapping to give the hit their own spin. Joshua Greenberg, a fan, said, ”They were actually really good.”

Greenberg also said, "I also filmed them last month at a house party down the block.”

The next band on the stage was the Samurai Pizza Cats. Their music was very popular with the fans and made them jump and dance like crazy. Watch them here.

Festival attendee Ryan Rattazzi said, “This band right here is pretty good. To be honest…just like most of the people here, I came for Sublime and Slightly Stoopid as a main factor for getting here.”

Rattazzi added, “I’ve been here for about an hour now and these bands that started off the day have been great.”


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