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By Christen Pastrana

With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us and midterm week coming to a close, the students at Five Towns College went to the Downbeat on the night of October 15th to celebrate the month with a special event called Bailemos, led by student Edgar Moreno. Bailemos gave students the opportunity to learn how to dance, unwind, and embrace the Spanish culture.

The fiesta started off with participants grabbing gloves to dance with their partners. Each person stood across from each other and wore masks to follow social distance protocols. After everyone was across from their partners, the instructor turned on the music, and the dance lessons began. During these hard times of Covid-19 and midterm week, students were able to decompress. The loud music, backdrop, and flashing lights set the mood for the entire night.

FTC students dance to the music. (Photo:C. Pastrana)

Starr Fuentes stated she was able to spend time with her friends while learning how to dance. When asked why people should come to events like these, she replied, “this event was really fun to attend because I got to spend time with my friends, and we all learned how to Spanish dance.”

Taliek Hill attended the event and shared his thoughts, “Students want to see themselves represented and students celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month amplifies their voice. Someone is taking the time to learn about my culture.”

Overall, Bailemos was a fun and exciting experience for college students to destress after midterms. Also, students that attended the event had the ability to learn how to dance and socialize with friends, but most importantly, people had insight into the Spanish culture and learned to have a new understanding and appreciation for Hispanic Heritage Month.


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