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By Jeff Kramer

Five Towns College held an Astrology mixer in the Downbeat Cafe on Friday, October 22nd. This event was the idea of RA Eeve Emanuel, who is an FTC junior majoring in Theatre.

Emanuel discussed what this event meant to her and her fellow Theatre majors after Midterms week. "The midterms were really stressful, especially for a lot of Theatre majors who not only have exams but shows coming up as well. So, I think with all that, we were stressed, and this is a great opportunity to just relax and chill out."

The fun included trivia related to Astrology and Zodiac signs. FTC Mass Comm student Sean Lanigan won a $10 gift card to Amazon during the trivia game. Paul Chahfe, who is also a Junior and Theatre major here at FTC, spoke about his favorite part of the event, "Honestly, just being able to see everyone and supporting RA Eeve and all of the other RA’s...and just being able to get to know some residents better."

Elias Rahman, a Freshman Music major, talked about his Zodiac sign. "My Zodiac sign is a Pisces, and what I know about it is that a Pisces is a type of fish in the ocean, and it is actually one of the most common Zodiac signs there is."

No matter what your astrological sign, this was an undoubtedly fun and unique event for all.


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